Punta Cana Excursions: MonkeyLand

Nestled amidst the lush greenery of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, Monkeyland stands as a unique and captivating attraction that allows visitors to connect with nature in a delightful and memorable way. This enchanting sanctuary is home to a diverse array of playful and charismatic squirrel monkeys, providing an immersive experience for those seeking an unforgettable adventure.

The Tropical Primate Haven

Monkeyland is not just a zoo but rather a vast, open-air haven designed to mimic the natural habitat of its resident monkeys. As you step into this tropical paradise, you are immediately enveloped by the sights and sounds of the vibrant jungle that surrounds you. Towering palm trees, exotic plants, and the rhythmic melodies of local birdlife create an atmosphere of tranquility and excitement.

Monkeyland Prices

The pricing table below is from December 30th, 2023.

Note that pricing is subject to change at any time, therefore we recommend visiting the Monkeyland website for the most current pricing.

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