An unvarnished look at Expat living in the Dominican Republic

Visiting the Dominican Republic as a tourist is one thing, but living here full time is quite a different experience, with its fair share of both rewards and frustrations. For the uninitiated, moving to the Dominican Republic on a full time basis is a learning experience.

Expat living in the Dominican Republic Advice and Information

Today I’m going to share both a Youtube channel and website that’s perfect for anyone planning to move to this beautiful country full-time, or for long-term stays. is a website dedicated to helping new expats navigate the intricacies (and roads) of the Dominican Republic. His goal is singular: to enrich your expatriate experience with practical, actionable advice.

The breath of advice he provides is based on his own, unfiltered, real-life experience. His content covers all aspects of living, doing business, and discovering the hidden gems from this incredible tropical paradise. He also happens to be an expert in the local real estate market, helping numerous clients navigate the process of acquiring property in the Dominican Republic.

So without any further ado, meet Mario! His short form videos are legendary – we strongly recommend subscribing to his Youtube Channel.


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